District 201Q3 Queensland Australia


IN RECOGNITION of Outstanding Service:

Melvin Jones Fellowship pinMelvin Jones Fellow (MJF) Award:

The Melvin Jones Fellowship, recognition of humanitarian work, may be used to recognise outstanding Lions or members of the general public. Such a Lion, or member of the general public, may be recognised in consideration of a donation of $US1000 to the Lions Clubs International Foundation. The Fellowship, as presented, comprises a special lapel badge and wall display plaque.


James D Richardson certificateJames D. Richardson Honour Award:

This award is named after James D Richardson BEM, who in 1958, was the first Australian to serve as a Director on the International Board of Directors and was one of the most dedicated and respected early leaders of Lions in Australia, The James D Richardson Honour Award is presented to recipients who have shown outstanding and dedicated service to Lions and the Community. 

William R TresiseWilliam R. Tresise Fellow Award:

This award, named after the founder of Lionism in Australia, is presented to a Lion nominated by his club for meritorious service and is regarded as the most prestigious of the Australian Lions awards. 

Community Service awardCommunity Service Award:

This award  is used to acknowledge members of the community or organisations that have supported their club or have done activities in their area worthy of recognition.

The following members have been recognised for outstanding services to the Lions Club of  Maleny-Blackall Range and to Lionism in general:

James D Richardson Honour Award:

Melvin Jones Fellow Award:

Community Service Award:

Life Memberships:

Life Membership may be awarded to club member who have maintained Active membership as a Lion for 20 or more years and has rendered outstanding service to the Club, his/her community, or the Association. A Life Member shall have all privileges of active membership so long as he/she fulfils all obligations thereof. It should be noted that a life member does not have the obligations of attendance of an active member. 

District Govenor Awards:

Our club is proud to recognise that some of our members have been awarded for their services by other clubs:



We fondly remember these our members for their mate-ship and excellent contribution to the Lions Club of Maleny-Blackall Range Inc. and Lionism in general. Sadly they are no more with us.


Past Presidents:

1983-1984  Roger Jackson

1984-1985  David Shade

1985-1986  Karl Tendam

1986-1987  Ian Rogers

1987-1988  Ian Rogers

1988-1989  Jim McKillop

1989-1990  John Burdon

1990-1991  Bob Bird

1991-1992  John Fox

1992-1993  Mike Smith

1993-1994  Ivan Ferris

1994-1995  Brian Meehan

1995-1996  Clarke Alexander

1996-1997  Martin Rathbone

1997-1998  Bill Crawford

1998-1999  Peter Harvey / Kevin Plucknett

1999-2000  Kevin Plucknett

2000-2001  Una Robinson

2001-2002  Chrissie Dittman

2002-2003  Ivan Ferris

2003-2004  Doug Wakeling

2004-2005  Rodney Skerman

2005-2006  Bill Crawford

2006-2007  Bill Crawford / Cohn Sinclair

2007-2008  Colin Sinclair

2008-2009  Clarke Alexander

2009-2010  David McKinnie

2010-2011  Colin Sinclair

2011-2012  Winston Johnston

2012-2013  Phil Holmes

2013-2014  Phil Holmes

2014-2015  Helen Johnson

2015-2016 Peter Jensen

2016-2017 Peter Jensen

2017-2018 Colin Sinclair

2018-2019 Chris Sang